Fantasy & Hope

Fantasy is ideal, hope is real
Fantasy is  being unsure, hope is being secured
Fantasy is irrelevant, hope is for grown ups
Hope is getting rid of the smudges, the boohoos and the hiccups


Fantasy is indeed a nice place
But then, I realized, i won’t be there in any case
But hoping and having faith is a different thing
It makes me love, it makes me smile, it makes me sing


This is reality and I’ll have to accept it.
No more if’s no more but’s, just so be it
If one day, we will see each other again
Then praise be to God for bringing that day


But this fact, I want you to know
There are some fantasies we can never outgrow
They could still be with us even if we grow older
Love, Travels, Coffee, indeed, a happily ever after



Meanwhile, I am like: