Im hearing gibbs on my dreams
Is it just a dream? Or a part of my reality?
Well, perhaps it was a reality i created to make me happy.
W-wait… i can create now? Like a god?
Ha! I guess im really dreaming..




If life means what?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”
Oscar Wilde

If life means to study, have a decent job then get rich, then I guess only a few would be considered alive and the rest would be a bunch of zombies struggling to steal some air to breathe.

If life means to be known and get famous, then what would you call me?

If life means to have power and influence, then I guess I am but a leech begging from the high and mighty.

If life means to live, to grow old and die, then I guess it would be much better if everyone of us would be in the last stage and just die. Because living in a world of false hopes and impossible dreams would be a torment to the soul and body.

I am struggling for life. I am struggling for a purpose. I am struggling for hope. I am chasing after peace. I am chasing after the ever unreachable dreams. I am chasing for a life full of depth and meaning, a life that is indeed happy. I am struggling for love.

>>This is what happens when my mind is idle. 😀