New Theme

So far, I have used three themes for about three months of blogging.

Well, here’s my reasons why I chose to once again change my theme to Flounder.


1. It is minimalistic.
I don’t like too much detail, but at the same time too much simplicity is also a turn off.

2. Its default colors are vibrant.
Gloominess is next to loneliness, and that is not what we like

3. It supports post formats
Actually, I am not really much familiar with post formats, but when a blog which i follow posted┬ásomething about it, I rushed into the link it provided, since it says there “Not all themes provide this feature”.

4. Because I want to.
And nobody an stop me from doing so.

5. Because there was a bandit that just got into the house and told me to do so, or else he will rob my computer and internet.

PS. One of them is fake. Your call to choose.

PPS. Thanks author of Flounder @Kelly Dwan