In Class

Dear Friend,

Of course, this is a common knowledge to all (And I doubt that you don’t know this)– what it would be like to be an introvert inside the seemingly narrow, often noisy, wall-bounded classroom. I’d like to share it though, in the perspective of an introvert.

As far as everyone is not concerned, I am currently an engineering student in an infamous institute. It is an institute whose system largely contributed in making me an introvert.

During high school, i had friends. Yes, I had a few of them. Most of them were fond of me because I was such a funny guy. They enjoyed laughing at me as I make fun of myself. I want to change it in college so I decided to not ridicule myself anymore. The result? Absolutely no friend at all! Added to that is the institute’s implemented system of class sectioning were everyone is free to choose the time slot of every subject. In short, I am that person who don’t have a friend who will say, “Come, let’s choose this section!”.

So here I am in this spot, facing my laptop plugged to the institute’s live wires, typing in behalf of these absolutely happy, though some are like me, having no friend at all, classmates whom I recognize because they were my classmates, in a God-knows-what class which I took before, and they barely don’t know me at a…

I had to stop typing, ┬ábecause somebody approached me. Her name was Claire and she was my classmate in several of the classes I took before. She’s talkative and her hair is all dried up because of the chemicals she uses to straighten it. She’s beautiful though she’s chubby. But I still hate her hair.

She offered me to join them in lunch so I said, ” Sure, Yeah!” There I met her friend Cha, Jim, and another guy whose name I’ve already forgotten. So I guess this will be a cool class since I was able to develop some friends. I hope.

So my dear friend, don’t be jealous and don’t make some drama because I can’t afford having you as my one and only friend. I hope that someday I will be able to introduce you to them.

Sincerel yours,



Charlie’s Countenance

One typical scenario of an introvert’s life should be seated in a diner, surrounded by a sea of tables and chairs and a bunch of unknown faces.

That is exactly me right now (January 9, 2014, 12:35pm), inside a restaurant, with a lot of people i barely know, all of them having fun, while I am comfortably seated alone in this 6 seater dining table, writing for my new blog ­čÖé

The countenance of my 1 piece drumstick, a glass of root beer and the comfort given by this yellow fluffy sofa are the very reason why I wanted to stay here for hours.

Before, I really don’t go to a diner alone. That’s why, I seldom go to any diner, because only a few people invites me to go with them, and usually that’s unusual of them to invite me. But, that would be unfair for me because I’ll miss all the food these chains of diners offer. So I said to myself, “I should be going to every diner I can think of, whether I have company or none.

That’s why today, I am here @ ChickenCharlie