Sometimes, I Just Love to Hate my Room Mate!

Well, today is Sunday and he surely messed up big time! Normally, I spend my Sundays peacefully and happily. However, this Sunday didn’t turn up to be like that.

Guess what, he accused me of something I didn’t even do. And what makes it worse is that he did it in front of my church mates and friends. In other words, he made me look like a complete punk in front of everybody.

A church leader approached me and said “Boy, you must fix it!”

“But I fixed that already, a long time ago, when I broke it.” I explained.

“Yeah, but you must fix it again.”

All of them doesn’t know that it wasn’t me this time. It’s true that I broke it before, but I am confident that it wasn’t me this time. And they don’t know that it was my room mate who broke it.

What really happened is this: I was sleeping and suddenly a loud noise broke and woke me up. I was too sleepy to wake up, but I know that my room mate was awake and was doing something. He was the culprit. But he confidently pointed his finger at me.

Since it is very traumatic for me to have a fight again with him, I simply nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll fix it”

It is painful. It really is. My chest is burning and my heart beats faster than normal knowing the fact that these good people thought of me as bad person. I am a complete mess in their eyes now. I don’t want to explain myself because everything will be messed up and I don’t want that. A lot of things will be brought up and my relationship ti my church mates will get even worse. So I just accepted it. I accepted the blame. After all, it was my mistake before that it became as fragile as it is now. So I said that I will fix it. I’d rather be like that than to have a fight with this extremely terrible person.

Sigh! I wonder how long will I last having him as my room mate.