Sometimes, I might be a Stalker

That heavy breathe that I just did was priceless.

As you know my love, I am an avid reader of your blog here in wordpress. As I was skimming through your blog, I noticed a video which you posted a week ago. I know that it is a song which you fell in love with. And let me just confess to you that one thing I really like about you is our similar taste in music, and that we both run into music to find serenity (second to God, of course). When the first line of the song played, what came into mind is to view your picture in facebook. So I tried searching your name. However, something strange happened. There was no result. I was nervous and confused and scared and my emotions are all mixed up and my internal organs seemed to be bothered that my stomache seemed to made a disturbing sound. Most of all, my chest burned and my heart stopped beating. The other me was panicking saying “She blocked me in facebook! Perhaps she noticed that I am checking up on her in her facebook.”

So i looked up on my friends list and typed your nickname ***
There you were. I clicked on your thumbnail (which only displays your wide forehead) but facebook said that your account was deactivated.

So there I was, listening to the song on your blog while staring at your forehead.

After the song was played I realized, you also have a picture on your blog. Darn it! The sweet moment was gone and has passed by already!

But still I’m thankful that you didn’t block me. I’m puzzled though why you chose to deactivate your account. 😦

PS. Don’t creep out, I love you 😀