Charlie’s Countenance

One typical scenario of an introvert’s life should be seated in a diner, surrounded by a sea of tables and chairs and a bunch of unknown faces.

That is exactly me right now (January 9, 2014, 12:35pm), inside a restaurant, with a lot of people i barely know, all of them having fun, while I am comfortably seated alone in this 6 seater dining table, writing for my new blog 🙂

The countenance of my 1 piece drumstick, a glass of root beer and the comfort given by this yellow fluffy sofa are the very reason why I wanted to stay here for hours.

Before, I really don’t go to a diner alone. That’s why, I seldom go to any diner, because only a few people invites me to go with them, and usually that’s unusual of them to invite me. But, that would be unfair for me because I’ll miss all the food these chains of diners offer. So I said to myself, “I should be going to every diner I can think of, whether I have company or none.

That’s why today, I am here @ ChickenCharlie



The Introvert

There were a lot of things that pushed these hands to write about every significant thing in my life .

First off,  I have seen and felt and heard various scenarios, emotions and voices. They say that a writer is the sum of all their experiences in life. As an introvert, one might think that I haven’t experience much. Yeah, it is true, I haven’t had slept with anyone, I don’t do drugs, even the medical ones, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, but I do fall in love.

They say that there are two types of guys in the world, one is the realist and one is the hopeless romantic. The realist hangs around all the time, looking for somebody to sleep with. He meets girls, have sex with them and just forget them, looking forward to meet another girl who has the same ideals as his, or perhaps a girl he can make-believe that it will be nice having him in her bed. On the other hand, there is this hopeless romantic who believes that there is this single girl who was destined for him. so he keeps on waiting and waiting for the right moment where God would let them meet each other. Sadly as you my friend would think, but fortunately as I could perceive it, I am the second guy, the hopeless romantic.

So basically, I would be writing about love, but not mostly, and how my hopeless romantic thing progresses and how my life as I call it works out for me.

So friend, I would love to hear that you are also committing yourself in reading this blog of mine.


Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Le introverti