Vacation With A Friend: Day 2

Dear Virtual Friends,

I woke up drooling my bed and I know that that is something I should be ashamed of. Now, how am I supposed to leave this bed? I realized that I woke up because the room seemed to be bright. It’s the morning light. It’s beautiful though. I reached for my watch since I can’t see any wall clock here and it was 7:30 in the morning. In my head, I was like, “darn I should still be

asleep right now!” (I am still sleepy since I slept 2 am)

Morning Daylight

Morning Daylight


Later, we woke up then took breakfast. We were served by Phoebe with a black and white rice cakes (the white one is better) and really nice local coffee, which was followed up by some fresh lettuce and pickled cucumber.

White and Black Rice Cakes

White and Black Rice Cakes

As we were eating, I and Phoebe had a conversation which really stirred me up. I realized, speaking with older people who have so much experiences is empowering, inspiring and encouraging, because knowing that these people have overcome all of it is knowing that all of us can too.

The highlight of the day is the fulfillment of my one-month-dream. After watching the movie Donnie Darko, I always dream of riding a bike till I get lost. Well, it happened today! I, together with Peter and Philip, rent some bikes and ride our way throughout the town and out of the town till we came to this remote place, where the view really took our breath away.



Biking throughout the city

Biking throughout the city

The f

The famous Philippine Refreshment: Halo Halo


How about biking on a hanging bridge?


Environment Develoopment

Environment Development


Biking Along the Alley


Into The Wild

Into The Wild



A Tower in the Middle of the Wild


A Road To Somewhere

A Road To Somewhere


As we were biking, we didn’t notice the time. It was Philip’s graduation day and we could be late, so we rushed back and prepared for the ceremony.

Elementary graduation in a basketball court.

Elementary graduation in a basketball court.


A public school classroom


Street Foods


Celebration :D

Celebration πŸ˜€



Vacation With A Friend: Day 1

Dear Virtual Friends,

Sadly, the first day of our vacation officially started around 1 pm since we left the shade of that prestigious ceiling that late. As agreed, I can only come with Peter here in Quezon as long as he’s the boss. So we went to places that seriously concerns him ONLY.

First, we stopped to his dentist. And yes, he only sees the dentist when he comes here, and yes, he comes here so seldom. Going there, we rode this Jeepney that looks so unusually nice. There’s so many sign boards inside. Surely, when you’re inside you’ll know all of the unwritten rules in riding a jeepney.


Jeepney at its finest

Jeepney at its finest

After the teeth operation, we went to Peter’s friends in a radio station. The place is so cool, sad thing I can only post one photo here. I also met a lot of DJ’s there. I even witnessed a DJ speaking live!!!! What a privilege!

Awesome CD Stacks at Love Radio

Awesome CD Stacks at Love Radio

The next thing we know, it’s already sunset and it’s time to travel once again to another town, Lopez Town, where we will be meeting the family.

As Darkness Falls Comes the Beauty of Light

As Darkness Falls Comes the Beauty of Light

Here’s a photo of one of the largest bus terminals in the Philippines, the Lucena Grand Terminal.


Night Lights

Night Lights

We got on a bus that is much different from the bus we took last night. This is the exact opposite of it. It smells like a sweaty locker room, not air conditioned and the whole thing squeaks as it moves.


Somehow bored, at the same time annoyed by Peter’s snore, I took some photos as we were inside the bus.

Creepy Provincial Road Signs

Creepy Provincial Road Signs

When the bus stopped, I took the phone out the window and randomly took a photo :D

When the bus stopped, I took the phone out the window and randomly took a photo πŸ˜€


Right now, we’re here at Lopez, Quezon. It’s already 1 am and we’re up still. Once again, I met Peter’s mum Phoebe, his dad Remy and his brother Philip. They are indeed a cool family, especially Phoebe who cooks so good. I love being here and I don’t want to go back to Manila!!!!!


Vacation With a Friend: Arrival

Dear Virtual Friends,

Last week, I’ve been trying to convince my friend, an existing person, not virtual, Β named Peter, to travel with me. He is a dude who is really matured about everything. I guess that’s the reason why we became friends, because everything we talk about has a lot of sense, and we both like creativity, art, innovation and greatness. I failed in asking him to come with me in a travel. He wasn’t travelling with me because right now, I am travelling with him. Those are two different things because in this travel, he is the pack master and I go wherever he goes. Basically, I’m just going with where he wants to be.

I can’t be choosy and say “No!, we go where I want to go”. First because, he’s the only person I can think off who’s gonna agree of this trip. Secondly because my time is running and I can’t afford to waste some time since I only got 3 weeks to enjoy this summer vacation. And lastly because he is the only person I know who will be travelling within this span of 3 weeks. That’s why last night, after the youth service at the church, we packed some clothes, put some money in the pockets and left Manila, and we’re planning to be out of the city in a short period of 3 days.

Where are we headed? To the province of Quezon where his parents and siblings resides. Yeah, so basically, this trip is about Peter’s reunion with his family and I don’t think that we will be able to maximize the time to enjoy the place. But it’s fine with me and I guess that should be better since his family is really nice to me the last time I went there with some other friends from the church. So, I’m looking forward to be back there and socialize and talk and eat with them and do some crazy stuffs with them, Peter’s family.

We left Manila at 11 pm and rode this bus that looks so nice with its orange light.




(The seemingly five-star bus)

In the bus ( I can’t afford not to say this) I was so paranoid that somebody might rob our bags since we were sleeping. haha πŸ˜€ Fortunately, my imaginations stayed in my head and didn’t come to life.

We arrived at Lucena, Quezon at 3 am. Tired of the activities yesterday, we stopped over at Peter’s Aunt’s house where we stayed and rest for a while. Now, it’s already 1 pm and we’re still here, enjoying their comfy room and the food being served to us.Β C360_2014-03-27-13-50-38-068[1]

(Peter, about to ride the jeepney)

Β C360_2014-03-27-13-49-45-154[1]


(Amazed by their ceiling, I took a photo of it)

I am so excited to what will happen today!!!!!! (Shouting inside of my head) I realize, sometimes it’s also good not to have plans at all. Somehow, in spending a vacation like this, it’s better not to plan something and just be stunned of what might come. And that is what I am so excited about right now.



Sunday Morning

Finally, it’s over! Classes are over and here I am complacently seated in front of my computer as I genuinely enjoying my cup of creamy coffee blended with cocoa. It’s such a nice sunday morning, ornamented by such beautiful music.

Aaaah, what a morning πŸ™‚ And since it’s vacation, I made a “Vacation Plans Corner” in my room and here it is:Photo-0010(Is it too gay? Darn, okay I’m removing them!!!!!)

Basically, my vacation will be about travels, blogging, coffee, books and ooh, I almost forgot, I and my friend are going to make a youtube channel.

By the meantime, I almost forgot, grades are to be posted later at 12 online. Geez, why am I forgetting a lot o important things. Hmmm… hoping for a good and nice grades.

I’m smiling and I’m dancing to the beat. Why is that? Is it because it is Sunday morning and I am able to go to church again? Hmm… yes, it is because of that. And also, because I’m in good mood and it is vacation, and I want to refrain posting some negativity here in my blog πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading, my virtual friends πŸ™‚



Music Therapy Featuring “Kari Jobe” and “Dominic and Sam”

In me is a raging sea

In me are crashing waves

In me is a roar of a thousand thoughts

I want to shut them all up

My heart, it beats fast

Like it is about to explode

My body feels hot

I want to punch the wall

I shut the door

I took the headset

I listened

and it was such a therapy

Here’s Kari

And before posting this, I found out this great cover πŸ™‚ Enjoy! They are Dominic and Sam

This night is so terrible I don’t know what title is appropriate

But before that: Yehey! Hurray! It turned out that my last post the other day wasn’t really my last post since I am able to write a new one. Hallelujah I am alive! And I am able to live by drinking 2 tablets of vitamins C a day. Hahaha, Isn’t that funny? Or is that freakingly dangerous? Anyway, the good news is I am getting better and that is the most important thing.

On a much serious note, it happened. One of my fears finally happened.

Again, I made a fight with my room mate. It ended in a decision of me seriously getting out of here. I am not yet in the mood to tell it here. My heart is torn between writing it right now while the emotion is still fresh and reviewing for my examsssss tomorrow.

Argh! I really hate arguing with nonsense people, especially when you have a lot of senseful things to do. Good thing I realized that it is nonsense to make this person realize his mistake. The last time we fight was very traumatic so I decided not to offend him anymore. But as I’ve noticed our conversation was like this:

Me: I am wrong here, but you are also wrong in that.

Him: Yes, you’re wrong here! You are completely wrong!




And I am OUT!

PS. I recorded a part of our conversation. But when he noticed that I was doing that, he stopped. Did he actually realize that I can use it against him? Hahaha. Oh well, time to study.


Might be my last post

I might be dying. I can feel it. It is evident. My senses tell me so. I’m trembling. I’m somehow scared, and somehow glad. I am overwhelmed with my emotions I really can’t tell what I am feeling right now. But I know I am dying. And nobody’s aware of it. I am not telling anybody as for the moment.

Perhaps, this is the downside of being an introvert, you are dying and you can’t tell it to anybody. If there’s an emergency, there’s nobody to ask for help.

I don’t know what to do. I am completely lost. All I think about is that, if I am really dying and my breathe is being taken from me, then, my love, my future wife, I guess I’d rather not seeing you anymore. It would be painful for me knowing that we won’t be together for long. And it would be more painful for me knowing that it would hurt you so much. Of all the people, though we haven’t met yet, you are all that’s in my mind now.

Why is this happening? Am i that evil for God to punish me like this? I know that God is love. I know that He loves humanity that He sent His Son to die for me. But why am I dying so early? So terribly? It’s hard to breathe. I am slowly dying. Seriously.

Sometimes, I might be compulsive

Dear Friend,

Right now, I am here with some people who love to mock me. I don’t take it seriously though. I think they mock me in a positive way if that is even possible. Or is the term “mock” not the right word to say. Should I use the word tease, or deride or make fun? Whichever, it’s fine with me since I also laugh at myself every time they do it because they kinda point out the funny side of me.

By the way, I want to blog something about a latest tease they hurl against me. And honestly, this one’s funny.

It all started few weeks ago. If you’re not yet aware, I am a frustrated musician. I do music and I am trying hard to be good at it. That’s not my problem. I mean, everybody starts as a beginner and nothings wrong with that. My problem was this: it was my first time replacing the strings and I’m not so sure what I was doing. Everything seemed to be a mess. It seemed that I broke my guitar. To cut the story short, I ended up giving up and asking for a friend’s help.

So a week later, that is this week, I and my friend went to a couple of guitar repair shops. The first shop offered us too much without even checking up on the instrument. So we looked for another shop. We walked around until finally, we got there. We entered. Their door has chimes on it. After a few seconds. We left. I was so red. My friend doesn’t want to laugh but it is in his face. He didn’t want to offend me. So I joked, “At least I learned”

What happened was such an epic fail. The man on the shop said, “This is normal, nothing’s wrong here.”

The problem was not the guitar, the problem was me, being compulsive, thinking that I broke it already. I won’t blame my friend who didn’t check the guitar first before joining me to the shop. But I would like to blame him for telling it to this person who is teasing me right now.

It is such an epic fail, I’m laughing so hard.

PS. I guess, I should change the title of my blog since I am somehow being socially active these days. I mean, if that would disqualify me from being an introvert, then I guess I should.

PPS. I also want to start sharing this blog on fb. But I guess I should hide some posts first. *wink


Your friend,



What I Need Right Now

Okay, here’s the thing. It’s already 9th week of 3rd term. What’s the deal? Well, here’s the deal. We only have at least, 10 weeks a term, so basically, deadlines are almost up, I have a lot of exams here and there.

Of course that is normal. However the problem is I am not doing a thing right now and it is so alarming. I need inspiration.

Jesus help me!

Meanwhile, let’s listen to this:

Spirit, lead me when my heart is without borders!