A Decisive Action

Dear Virtual Friends,


I really don’t know the sense of putting an addressee above like that. I mean, is anyone ever reading these?


Right now, I’m back in Manila and I’m seriously missing the life in province. Perhaps, my apartment is what makes it hard for me. When I got back, everything is messy and it smells awfully. I’m really thinking of moving out. Also there is a friend, not actually, an acquaintance, who invites me to live with him. It’s actually in a dormitory that I used to live in and he’s actually my former roommate.



This calls for a serious and deep thinking.

By the way, I and my roommate (whom I’m living with right now) are reconciled weeks ago and we’re not fighting anymore. Those fights are not my major reason why I’m moving out. They are things to be considered though. Also, I don’t want to move out because of that. That is freakingly terrible. I want to leave this place with a good record. Also, I’ll still be meeting this person at church so seriously, I am not leaving here because I hate him or what. (Wait, why am I so defensive about this!?!)

Reasons for leaving (1) I want to be near school. (2) I’m not comfortable here [not because of the person but the facilities] (3) It’s really unhealthy for me to be here since I eat a lot of fast food (4) I’m about to do my thesis and I want to be with positive people.


PS. To those who subscribed and followed my blog because of the photos and the travel and the vacation, first of all I want to thank you for appreciating them photos. I really like traveling and taking photos so I’ll be doing it more often, and also journaling. Stay blessed! Keep on smiling 😀

PSS. I’m moving out. Is that fast? Hahaha


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