Vacation With A Friend: Day 2

Dear Virtual Friends,

I woke up drooling my bed and I know that that is something I should be ashamed of. Now, how am I supposed to leave this bed? I realized that I woke up because the room seemed to be bright. It’s the morning light. It’s beautiful though. I reached for my watch since I can’t see any wall clock here and it was 7:30 in the morning. In my head, I was like, “darn I should still be

asleep right now!” (I am still sleepy since I slept 2 am)

Morning Daylight

Morning Daylight


Later, we woke up then took breakfast. We were served by Phoebe with a black and white rice cakes (the white one is better) and really nice local coffee, which was followed up by some fresh lettuce and pickled cucumber.

White and Black Rice Cakes

White and Black Rice Cakes

As we were eating, I and Phoebe had a conversation which really stirred me up. I realized, speaking with older people who have so much experiences is empowering, inspiring and encouraging, because knowing that these people have overcome all of it is knowing that all of us can too.

The highlight of the day is the fulfillment of my one-month-dream. After watching the movie Donnie Darko, I always dream of riding a bike till I get lost. Well, it happened today! I, together with Peter and Philip, rent some bikes and ride our way throughout the town and out of the town till we came to this remote place, where the view really took our breath away.



Biking throughout the city

Biking throughout the city

The f

The famous Philippine Refreshment: Halo Halo


How about biking on a hanging bridge?


Environment Develoopment

Environment Development


Biking Along the Alley


Into The Wild

Into The Wild



A Tower in the Middle of the Wild


A Road To Somewhere

A Road To Somewhere


As we were biking, we didn’t notice the time. It was Philip’s graduation day and we could be late, so we rushed back and prepared for the ceremony.

Elementary graduation in a basketball court.

Elementary graduation in a basketball court.


A public school classroom


Street Foods


Celebration :D

Celebration đŸ˜€



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