This night is so terrible I don’t know what title is appropriate

But before that: Yehey! Hurray! It turned out that my last post the other day wasn’t really my last post since I am able to write a new one. Hallelujah I am alive! And I am able to live by drinking 2 tablets of vitamins C a day. Hahaha, Isn’t that funny? Or is that freakingly dangerous? Anyway, the good news is I am getting better and that is the most important thing.

On a much serious note, it happened. One of my fears finally happened.

Again, I made a fight with my room mate. It ended in a decision of me seriously getting out of here. I am not yet in the mood to tell it here. My heart is torn between writing it right now while the emotion is still fresh and reviewing for my examsssss tomorrow.

Argh! I really hate arguing with nonsense people, especially when you have a lot of senseful things to do. Good thing I realized that it is nonsense to make this person realize his mistake. The last time we fight was very traumatic so I decided not to offend him anymore. But as I’ve noticed our conversation was like this:

Me: I am wrong here, but you are also wrong in that.

Him: Yes, you’re wrong here! You are completely wrong!




And I am OUT!

PS. I recorded a part of our conversation. But when he noticed that I was doing that, he stopped. Did he actually realize that I can use it against him? Hahaha. Oh well, time to study.


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