Sometimes, I might be compulsive

Dear Friend,

Right now, I am here with some people who love to mock me. I don’t take it seriously though. I think they mock me in a positive way if that is even possible. Or is the term “mock” not the right word to say. Should I use the word tease, or deride or make fun? Whichever, it’s fine with me since I also laugh at myself every time they do it because they kinda point out the funny side of me.

By the way, I want to blog something about a latest tease they hurl against me. And honestly, this one’s funny.

It all started few weeks ago. If you’re not yet aware, I am a frustrated musician. I do music and I am trying hard to be good at it. That’s not my problem. I mean, everybody starts as a beginner and nothings wrong with that. My problem was this: it was my first time replacing the strings and I’m not so sure what I was doing. Everything seemed to be a mess. It seemed that I broke my guitar. To cut the story short, I ended up giving up and asking for a friend’s help.

So a week later, that is this week, I and my friend went to a couple of guitar repair shops. The first shop offered us too much without even checking up on the instrument. So we looked for another shop. We walked around until finally, we got there. We entered. Their door has chimes on it. After a few seconds. We left. I was so red. My friend doesn’t want to laugh but it is in his face. He didn’t want to offend me. So I joked, “At least I learned”

What happened was such an epic fail. The man on the shop said, “This is normal, nothing’s wrong here.”

The problem was not the guitar, the problem was me, being compulsive, thinking that I broke it already. I won’t blame my friend who didn’t check the guitar first before joining me to the shop. But I would like to blame him for telling it to this person who is teasing me right now.

It is such an epic fail, I’m laughing so hard.

PS. I guess, I should change the title of my blog since I am somehow being socially active these days. I mean, if that would disqualify me from being an introvert, then I guess I should.

PPS. I also want to start sharing this blog on fb. But I guess I should hide some posts first. *wink


Your friend,



5 thoughts on “Sometimes, I might be compulsive

  1. Ah but you can still be an introvert and be somewhat socially active 🙂 An introvert simply doesn’t NEED social activity the way others do. I think I am mostly and introvert too, but I still like some social activity..I also like to hermit away with a book or the internet too though 🙂

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